What distinguishes our candy?

naturalne składniki


Our products are made using only top quality ingredients and based on proven recipes. They contain no colouring, preservatives or genetically modified ingredients. Sweets are glazed only with natural chocolate containing high level of cocoa and pure cocoa butter. Candied and dried fruit and Owocowe Graffiti® in chocolate is a group of delicious products combining the natural taste of fruit and semi-sweet chocolate.

sprawdzone receptury


The company uses traditional methods to produce filling, based on proven recipes. Examples of such products are Michałki®, Jellies in chocolate, Truffles, Pastylki z kolorowym maczkiem® etc. Thanks to traditional recipes our products guarantee a trip down the memory lane for many of our customers.

wysoka jakość


We have introduced the HACCP system to guarantees our products are healthy and the production and storing processes are hygienic. In 2012 the plant received an international IFS quality certificate. Many of our products, such as Michałki®, Michałki z Hanki®, Trufle z maczkiem® won the Top Product category in a nationwide Doceń Polskie contest. High quality of our products is confirmed not only by our customers’ opinions but also by high analysis scores regularly conducted by independent, accredited laboratories.

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Michałki® are ideal sweets for those admiring contrast and surprising combinations. Under a coating of superb semi-sweet chocolate there’s an extraordinary taste of nuts and cocoa. This well-matched duet guarantees magnificent taste.


sprinked with sugar

A mixture of best flavours: orange, lemon, cherry and apple, hidden under a crispy layer of sugar – a combination that will send You to cloud nine and make your taste buds dance with joy. Jellies in sugar will also be loved by your children for their extraordinary taste as well as their beautiful colours. Each jelly is packed separately to ensure maximum freshness and unmatched sensations.


z Hanki

Traditional Michałki z Hanki®  are made with delicious cocoa mass that hides crispy, freshly roasted peanuts, all coated in delicate and crunchy semi-sweet chocolate. Michałki z Hanki® have been bringing joy to the palates of chocolate and peanuts lovers for many years, uniting many generations. Their taste will surely take grandmas and grandpas down the memory lane and will bring smile to your children’s faces as soon as they taste the chocolate-and-nut flavour.


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