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Sweets and candy manufacturer

Śnieżka sweets have been putting a smile on children’s faces and bringing delight to adults for many years now. Some prefer delicious Michałki, while others like the Krówka fudge or Jellies, and yet another group welcomes all kinds of novelties. All these products have one thing in common – the vast experience of the best sweets manufacturer in Poland. Tradition with a tad of magic, a bit of love and wide smiles on children’s faces. Learn how the plant has been developing throughout the years.


The Polish chocolate factory

The history of ZPC Śnieżka ltd. starts in 1946 when a Polish chocolate factory was founded in place of ‘Hochwald Schokoladen Fabrik’, a former German company. This is the official beginning of what, until recently, was known as Śnieżka-Invest, changed to ZPC Śnieżka in  2017. A brand connected with superb taste, top quality, traditional and unmatched recipes and magic… Why magic though?

Zakłady cukiernicze

A confectionery with a love story

Well, in the first years of our magical Śnieżka, there was a young, gifted and ambitious girl named Janka Sajkiewicz-Miodek  ❲relative of prof. Jan Miodek❳. Janka had been working as a technologist when a recipe of a unique type of sweets was developed and the need for a new name arose.


Legend has it that a boy named Michał fell in love with Janka and would stand in front of the factory’s gate every day, waiting for the girl. In honor of his love, the flagship product was christened Michałki. How much of the story is true? We don’t know. When asked, Janka claimed that it was all just a fairy tale and that she didn’t remember anyone called Michał. However, she would quickly add, with a smile and dreamy eyes, that one should believe in fairytales, as there is always a grain of truth in them.

Welcome to Śnieżka.

the magical factory…

The history of our plant is long and, although very interesting, one should not reveal all the details to preserve some of the mystery…

Here are the most important facts from our chronicles


The founding of Śnieżka chocolate factory.


The plant Introduces many modifications and upgrades, like equipping the factory with a new roaster for cocoa beans, a grinder with quintuple rollers and a new sorter. Śnieżka, as the first confectionary company in Poland, introduces a timed supply relay. Later, the plant starts to acquire half-products from other companies in order to constantly broaden the product range and improve the quality of products.


A merger between Chocolate Factory Śnieżka in Świebodzice and Factory of Pastry Sobótka in Wrocław takes place, resulting in founding of the Lower Silesian  Confectionary Plant ‘Śnieżka’ in Świebodzice.


As a result of legal regulations DZPC ‘Śnieżka’ becomes a municipal department and continues its activity as a budget company of Świebodzice commune. After further transformation the company changes its name to Śnieżka – Invest Ltd. and then to ZPC Śnieżka



Urszula Drabik


Development and Restructuring Manager

Maciej Wójcik

Vice Chairperson

Traditional Channel Manager

Bożena Cankudi

Board Representative

Economic and Financial Manager

Magdalena Styczyńska

Board Representative

Main Technologist

Beata Puziak


Networks Manager

Sara Wójcik

Marketing Manager


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